Saturday, November 24, 2012

Marble Masters at Blue Goose Gallery.

On November 11/12 GooseFire Gallery, Long Beach CA., hosted the very first "Marble Masters" gallery showing of fine contemporary borosilicate marbles.  My husband, Kenan Tiemeyer was extremely honored to be included among these incredibly talented 'Marble Masters'.

Some of the most recognized marble makers in the world were invited to participate in the show. These top "Marble Masters" included Mike Gong, John Kobuki, Gateson Recko, Josh Sable, and .Kenan Tiemeyer.  Two Japanese marble artists,  Yoshinori Kondo  and Ayako Hattori were invited, but unable to attend. Everyone of these artists have been making contemporary borosilicate marbles for a decade or more and has their own unique / innovative style.   Six other highly talented marble artists were also included in the event.  Each bringing an amazing collection of unique and creative glass art.

This is just a few of the marbles my husband had on display/for sale. The 'Eye of God' marble is one his signature designs.

Collectors and contemporary marble enthusiasts came to Long Beach, California from all over the United State to fill up GooseFire Gallery and were dazzled by hundreds of finely made orbs.

The "Marble Masters" are  Back row- Mike Gong, Zach Jorgenson, Jack Hanshaw, Gateson Recko, Kenan Tiemeyer, Tim Keyzers, John Bridges. Front row- Richard Hollingshead, Josh Sable, Jared Delong, John Kobuki at GooseFire Gallery.

For most, it was their first time attending an all marble show and were stunned to finally see so many beautifully made marbles in person. While many of the collectors have been acquainted with the artist's work on the internet, the experience of seeing so many outstanding pieces of art in one room was mind boggling. The experience of being able to meet and chat with the artists really made the event special. Many marbles were added to excited enthusiasts collections. In the end, everyone left with a feeling of satisfaction and gratitude for having been able to be a part of such an exciting event.
The event ended up being an overwhelming success and plans for a 2nd "Marble Masters" event to be held in 2013 are already being discussed.

The 2012 "Marble Masters" show set a very high bar that will be hard to top but it is certain that the artists will continue progressing their art and be will busy creative new dazzling orbs for 2013.

i wasn't personally able to attend the event with my husband, but am incredibly proud of him for his accomplishments and had to brag on him at least a little bit! ;)


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