Thursday, November 1, 2012

IVE Fall Festival and Dugspur Halloween Carnival.

This weekend we had a couple different Halloween activities to attend. Our little school IVE put on a Fall Festival.  It's a fundraiser event with venders, bake sale and carnival games for the kids.  Last year we set up a table and sold some of our goods. This year we didn't sign up because Kenan was out of town for the weekend, and i  really didn't have enough stuff to set up a table.

We still stopped by to support the school, and spend a little money on carnival games and venders. The festival was pretty much empty. Maybe it was the time we were there, but maybe not.  It always disappoints me that more people do not come out to support the school.  We saw one little boy from my girl's class with his grandma, and one boy from my son's class with his mom. There were just a handful of people there.  i can't imagine they were able to raise very much money for the school, and honestly i'd be surprised if many of the venders return.  :(


The kids had a great time playing the games.  The school had two rooms set up with simple carnival games. 

Sage really liked the treasure dig.  Each of the treasure chests had a number inside, and  the kids could chose a prize from the prize table with the similar number.

The prizes were all junk from Oriental trading company, but the kids think they are the best thing ever.  It was just nice to come out and support the school.

After leaving the IVE fall fest, we came home had a quick dinner then got dressed up for the Dugspur Halloween Carnival.

The Dugspur Carnival has a costume contest, so my boy was exited to get dresses up in his Ent costume. i really failed to get any good pictures of it. It's such a cool costume, but doesn't look like much in the photos. This was before he had his gloves on. The gloves have branches hot glued to them. :)

His shoes too were covered in dried leaves. :)  i was actually able to make these without ruining his shoes. The leaves are glued together, but they are not actually glued to his shoes.


The Dugspur Halloween carnival was again very dead and disappointing. It's a free event to attend, you can purchase tickets to play the games and they sell food and snacks. This is put on by the Volunteer Rescue squad.  You would really think more people would come out to support it. 


Just to give you an idea of how small it was...there were only 4 kids in the 3-6 age group for the costume contest.   My girl was originally planning to be a vampire, but changed her mind to a pirate that morning. So she's wearing a vampire dress that i had found at the thrift store and a felt pirate hat (i had made that morning) and a sword. :)  She was very disapointed she didn't win the costume contest.  Rapunzel won as most original and the Ninja won for scariest. 

There were only three kids in my boy's age group (10-13).  My boy won as most original, the devil girl won scariest and the boy in blue was given the tie breaker prize...since they had three prizes and only 3 kids.

It was really sad to see such a low turn out.  It's so wonderful that they put this together for the children of the community, so i really don't understand why more people don't attend.  i have to wonder if they were even able to cover their costs of putting it all together.  It was run by volunteers, but they were serving hotdogs/hamburgers etc.  They had a huge table of prizes for the games, and 3 costume contest prizes for each age group. They were prepared for a lot of kids. 

i just really hope this doesn't deter them from doing it again. We always enjoy attending  and will back next year to support them again. 


  1. Where did you get the "tree trunk" pants your son used for his costume?

    1. i made them. i found the tree bark camouflage print fabric online. :)

  2. Ohhh! Thank you. I will have to start looking for some fabric. They are perfect!