Friday, October 18, 2013

Autumn bendy dolls

Now the the weather has turned cooler, i am spending less time outside in the garden and more time inside curled up with a blanket!! This camper does't hold heat well, and if i keep the heat on i will run out of propane. So i stay bundled up and have begun putting a bit of time back into my crafts.

The changing of the seasons always inspires new dolls.  

i've been having fun with the Autumn theme.  Many of the dolls pictured in this post are already sold, but i still have many available on my FB page and i'm posting new ones every few days!

The Autumn fairies are always a favorite. i love using the acorn caps as hats. 

i like using the artificial leaves as wings for the Autumn fairies. Sometimes i give them acorn caps, sometimes gnome hats. i think the Autumn fairies are some of my favorites.

i came across this black spotted felt and immediately knew i had to make lady bug girls. :) 

i had a request for a Turkey girl this year. i was feeling a little bored with the dolls i was making, and didn't want to finish the nativity sets i've been working on so i accepted the challenge.  i thought she turned out really cute!!

Here is another turkey girl. :)  i'll be working on a few more this next week, and then will eventually move on to snowflake fairies. 

Most of my sales are done through my fb page these days, so if you are interested in some bendy dolls head over to to see what is available!

i also recreated my dragon pattern, and finished up a new dragon for my kids. There are a few things that need to be tweaked, but now that i have remade the pattern i'll be able to offer some for sale again in the future.  Still working on some of my other patterns, but i'll get them recreated eventually.

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  1. They are all soooo cute! We are big Ladybug Girl fans around here! That was what my daughter dressed as for Halloween last year. Except everyone just thought she was a ladybug, since apparently, most people have not heard of Ladybug Girl, which kind of bummed me out, since she's such a strong girl role model.