Thursday, October 10, 2013

House Construction- week ?

i've lost track of what week we are on with the construction. The crew has been here but working on the inside, so there has been very little to document with photos. They've been getting the electrical and plumbing set up, and building the floor to the loft upstairs.

Two weeks ago, the stone mason arrived and began putting the stone on the chimney.  The reason they began at the top, instead of at the bottom is because they didn't have enough of the stone. i'm not sure why, but they've had to order more.  They knew the roofers were coming this last week to work on the roof and the stonework needed to be on the chimney, before they could do the roofing. 

 So the mason got about half of the stonework done, and are waiting for more stone. Looks pretty good so far, although the stone doesn't have as much color variation as we were expecting. i'm kind of hoping it's all just really dusty and after a good rain, we'll see just a little more color.

Before the construction could begin the roofing, they had to extend the roof over the front door area.  We'll have a deck that begins here, and wraps around to the back.  It will only be covered on the front.

Then this past week, they came and began the roofing. We have the same green metal roof that we had on our old house. The window frames are the same green metal. i wanted a green front door as well, but it was a bit too pricing. i'll probably end up painting it green, or replacing it sometime down the road. 

i thought i had a picture of the roof complete, but noticed in this one that the dormer is not done. They did get it almost complete at the end of last week. It still has to have the gutters, trim and snow guards put on.  The snow guards will help prevent a dangerous avalanche of snow sliding of the roof in the winter time. :) 

So we are getting closer,but there is still a lot that needs to be done. It's been raining this week, preventing the crew from finishing the stonework and roof. i believe next week they'll start the deck and siding.  The inside of the house is still unfinished.  The flooring all still needs to be installed and they are working on building the bathroom upstairs. So yeah, we are getting there.

Living in the RV has been an interesting and fun experience. i really don't mind it much at all. i really thought i'd be blogging more about our small space living, but there just doesn't seem to be too much to say about it. You deal with it, you adjust, and it becomes home.


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  4. Looks like you've got the work cut out for you there. :) It's okay; it puts you in a position of innovation and control, especially in terms of building and remodeling a house. Leaves you lots of room for improvements and adjustments. That malleability you've got in the process. Hope you've got the planning down pat.

    Yolande @ Co-Construct