Sunday, January 19, 2014

Creative Every Day Challenge 2014

i suppose i'm a little late in starting a New Year's challenge now that it's almost the end of January, but better late than never.  Back in Nov. i noticed one of my online friends was taking part in an ART every day challenge. Each day she would post pictures of the progress made on whatever art piece she was working on at the time. i thought it was a neat idea, but with Nov. being such a busy month, and us preparing to move i did not have the time to join in.

With so many people posting New Year's resolutions, it got me thinking about what i wanted to do differently this year.   After a bit of thought, i knew i wanted to get back to living creatively and really focus on finding the time do at least one creative thing each day.

Rather than doing 'Art every day' i thought that 'Creative every day' was less limiting. It encompasses all forms of creative expression. So after deciding to create the challenge i googled Creative every day and found that there is already a group set up with an official challenge page.  So i signed up and borrowed the button so that i can follow along and hopefully stay motivated.  They do different themes, but i don't plan to do that...just do something creative each day.  A few of my fb friends have joined in as well, and we've been using the hashtag #creativeeveryday so that any one participating can share pictures of their current projects. If you choose to participate this way, the pictures must be set to public or they won't appear under the hashtag.

Since i am starting the challenge late, i haven't been creative every day of January, but i will be starting now. So far this month i have completed 4 crocheted hats, 5 rainbow window stars and 3 bendy dolls. i've started about 12 necklaces, and completed one. i also have two new Waldorf dolls started and 5 that need completed.  The necklace above is the first to be completed, i am hoping to finish up a couple others this afternoon.

Winter is really the only time i crochet, but once i start i can't seem to stop. i've been having fun making kitty ear and fuzzy fox hats again. i'm going to start a brimmed hat for Kenan in the next week or so.

In the past i have used tissue paper to make my window stars.  It has always worked out fine for me but i know most people use the kite paper. Last month i won a Gift Card to Imagine Childhood (amazing store!), and decided to finally order myself some kite paper.  It has just been sitting my dresser for a while, and i remembered it yesterday and decided to try it out to make stars! i'm so excited by how pretty they are! There are more colors than i had with tissue paper,, and they are much more vibrant!  i ended up making a few different folded patterns, and can't wait to play around with some more. 

Yesterday i also decided to play around in the glass shop. When i say play, i mean play...i dont really know what i'm doing.  Kenan gave me a basic demonstration of the basics several (7-10?) years ago, but he's never really given me any lessons. It's been several years since i've even messed around with the glass, and although i made myself a couple leaf pendants i definitely need a recap on how to finish off the pendant loops. :) With Kenan's shop back at home, i'm hoping that he might be able to fit me in for a lesson now and again.  i don't have a real passion for working with glass, but i like the idea of making my own pendants to use in the jewelry i make. 

So this is my start to the Creative every day challenge. i plan to post updates here on the blog about once a week or so, i'll also be posting daily photos on FB #creativeeveryday.   

i would love it if you participated as well! You can click the button at the top of the page and sign up for the official challenge, or just play along by posting pictures on fb, or leaving links here to what you are working on.  i think this is a great way to help motivate and inspire each other.

So who's in?


  1. Can I see one of your leaf pendants some time? I tried to make a few but Kenan said you did a great job of making the veins in the middle of the leaf branching outward. Mine... notsomuch.

    1. i just posted a picture on facebook. The ones i made years ago were really nice, the new ones not that great. ha ha. First time i've played with glass in about 5-6 years, and i was only down there about an hour because it's too cold. :)