Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentine Craft Round up

i hate to admit we've not been doing a whole lot of kid crafts this year. The kids are getting older and just not always as excited to participate as they use to be.  i've been trying come up with a few fun heart themed activities for the weekend, and decided to look back and some of the ones we have done over the years. 

1. Owl Valentines.  We had so much fun making these a few years ago for the class valentines and even turned a few into a Valentine's garland. One the page you'll find a printable template and instructions.  You can use the same template to make plush felt owls. On this post is a picture of the ones i made the kids a few years back. i hand stitched the pieces together using blanket stitch, but you could easily make it on a machine.

2. Heart shaped Short bead cookies.  Shortbread is one of my favorite cookies to make because they are so easy, take very few ingredients and are relatively low in sugar compared to many other cookies recipes. 

3.  Folded Paper Hearts.  These can be made with tissue paper or kite paper. They let light in, and look fabulous hanging in windows. 

4. Cherry Tarts.  Does anyone ever really need an excuse to make cherry tarts? ;) Add a heart on top and you have a nice homemade Valentine's treat.

5. Hanging Ice Hearts.  These are super easy and fun to make when the temps outside are below freezing. It's been so cold this winter i'm surprised we haven't attempted any ice crafts yet. These look most striking when the yard is covered in snow.

6. Spin Art Hearts with recycled crayon centers. This is a favorite of mine. We made these one year for school valentines, and i loved how they turned out!  

7.  Birdseed Hearts.  Because the bird deserve some love this winter too. :) 

8. Magic Window Cookies  This post is actually a bunch of different heart themed foods. You can find the actual recipe for magic window cookies here or just use your favorite sugar cookie recipe.  We used a heart shaped cookie cutter that automatically cut out the center, and then used cherry lifesavers for the center.  

9. Valentine Bendy dolls.  You can find my basic bendy doll tutorial here and then decorate them in red, white and pink.  i like to make the wings heart shaped. :) 

 *The links don't seem to be highlighting for me, but if you move your mouse over the titles or the words 'here' you should be able to click the links.

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