Saturday, August 2, 2014

Ananas Noire (Black Pineapple) Heirloom Tomato review.

This year i grew all Heirloom tomatoes. i admit, when i was seed shopping i was looking for unusual varieties, rather than disease resist practical tomatoes. Now that the tomatoes are really starting to come in, i'm loving the variety of colors, shapes and flavors. i'm documenting my thoughts on some of the varieties i grew, as i won't remember next year unless i write it down. 

Most of the tomatoes i grew this year are pinks and purples.  i had planted only a few red tomatoes, and then most of them never came up. So it's been interesting this year, trying to determine when my tomatoes are ripe, as they do not turn red.  

In the picture above i have a few Cherokee purples, Black Krim, Hillbilly, Golden Jubilee, Money makers, Brandywine, Violet Jasper and Black Pineapple. 

The Black pineapple are in the upper left corner. They are a green tomato, with just a bit of pink/purple and yellow. 

The Ananas Noire (Black Pineapple) is a beautiful tomato when sliced. i found the flavor very mild compared to some of the others i have. i'm particularly fond of the Cherokee Purple and Brandywine which both have very strong sweet tomato flavors.  Compared to them the Black Pineapple seemed rather bland.

The biggest problem i have with this tomato though, is that it's very difficult to determine when it is ripe. Although i made a chart so i know which plants are planted where, once the tomatoes come off the plant i tend to lose track of what they are. This is especially true when the tomatoes are picked green. i prefer to let me tomatoes vine ripen, but the plants in garden #3 have had a really tough time and i've had to pull several of them.  So i've ended up with quite a few green tomatoes.

The ripe black pineapples look identical to some of the the other tomatoes that are unripe. So i've had to throw out several of them, because i thought they were a different variety and they became over ripe and went bad while i still was waiting for them to ripen. 

This may not have been an issue if i'd planted less varieties, but i have so many tomatoes that it seems like a pain trying to keep track of them.  i think in the future i need to stick with tomatoes that are obvious when they are ripe. i don't enjoy the guessing game with these.

In the tomatoes description is says, "Everyone loves their superb flavor that is outstanding, being both sweet and smoky with a hint of citrus. "  i'm not sure if it's because mine were not ripe enough, or over ripe....but i definitely did not find it to have a superb favor.i actually found them pretty tasteless.


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