Monday, October 31, 2011

Indian Valley Fall Festival.

i really don't know when life got so busy. The last month has flown by and the idea that the holidays are coming up...has me terrified! i am not ready for all that!!
Since i haven't posted much on here this month, i thought i'd share with you what we have been up to lately. You can expect a few catch up posts over the next week or two.

Last weekend the kids elementary school had a fall festival. They were looking for craft vendors, and we signed up to have a table. It was very small and we didn't really expect to sell anything. We signed up more just to support the school and show some of the locals what we do. i spent about two weeks cramming trying to get all of my unfinished projects finished up.

Kenan also made up a few extra things for the festival, holiday ornaments, glass pens and a few beads and pendants.

i was suprised how much stuff i actually have!! My side of the table was looking a bit cluttered, i had so much stuff packed on there. i made up over 24 bendy dolls, had 3 waldorf dolls, and 4 rag dolls, and a handful of other misc dolls, crocheted goods and jewelry. :)

just showing off a few of the things i have. These items are all still available. They can be purchase from here, or on my facebook page and i may eventually put them on etsy if they sit around long enough. i have 2 unicorns and two pegasus. i'm selling them for $18 each. Thay are also available paired in a set with any of my $12 bendy dolls for $25.

Kenan made up a bunch of these beautiful hand blown glass icicle ornaments. He has quite a few left and is selling them for $10 each, 2 for $18 or 3 for $25. $2.50 shipping on all orders.

i had these dolls on display. i keep adding things to them, and haven't officially posted them for sale yet. hee hee. Feel free to inquire though. i need to sell them eventually to pay for the 10lbs of wool i just bought. :)

i'm working on posting all of my available bendy dolls to my facebook page. i think i have around 20 available for immediate purchase. i have mermaids, fairies, princesses, witches, pirates, wizards and more!

i see these on etsy all the time, and have wanted a set for Sage. So i made her one, and then made a few more. i'm asking $10 for the set of 6. They'll come in a little drawstring bag to keep them in. These are the small size, 3/4" tall.

The festival was from 2-8pm. It was incredibly small, which we expected. We did okay though, and felt great supporting the school. The school put on the festival as an alternative to the traditional fundraisers and raised over $1000, i believe! The kids really had a blast though. They had some games for them with prizes, face painting, hair tinseling and more.

That's it for now, i have tons of pictures to take so i can get some of these goodies list.

Oh..and Happy Halloween!!!

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  1. OMG i love your Waldorf dolls they are so cute!!! I can't wait till you sell them! I made my own bendy doll with your instructions, her name is Colleen she looks just like me!