Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Treasure Hunt and a Big Surprise.

This year we enjoyed a simple and quiet Yule at home. The last few years we have planned a trip to Florida to spend the holidays with my parents, sister and grandparents, but something always comes up and we are never able to make it down. This year, my parents had talked about coming up to spend the holidays with us. So, i had been planning on that, and really looking forward to it. i really like the idea of spending the winter holidays surrounded by friends and family.
However, last month both of my grandparents ended up hospitalized for various illnesses, and my father broke his foot. So my parents were unable to make the trip up from Florida, and we once again spent the holidays alone. Both of the kids were very disappointed, as they always love time with Nana and Pap and we just don't get to see them very often.

i completely spaced it and never got a picture of our tree with all the gifts under it. It really looked very lovely. After all the gifts has been handed out, there was one large box that didn't contain anyone's name on the tag and instead said "open last".

So the kids ripped open the box, and inside was a very tiny box, that was also wrapped. :) Inside the wrapping was a tiny slip of paper that said " Treasure hunts are so much fun! So, let's start with clue #1. Go look where children like to swing and have fun!" So they grabbed their coats and ran outside to our old pathetic swing set.

It only took them a minute to figure out the next clue, which sent them to the old oak tree.

We had a total of 12 clues. Kenan wrote out all the rhythms and riddles that led them closer to their treasure.

"If you like swings and you like to slide,then you would be wise to look between the paths where the wood stacks lie to solve clue number #5. "

"You have done so well to find clue #12 The mystery is almost at it's end.
Look in the clearing near the fairy garden to see how your fun will begin!!"

Since there was no way we would be able to build and hide a huge wooden swing set the night before xmas, we gave the kids some of the most obvious part...the swings, tire swing and the slide and printed up a picture of their new swing set. It only took them a second to realize what it all meant and they were so excited!!! Sage was begging Daddy to build it right now so she could swing. :)

It took Kenan a few days to get it put together, not because the construction was complicated....but because he had to level the ground first. We decided not to put it right next to the house where the old swing set was, but instead move it off to the side of the yard where we've been working to establish an outdoor play place. This area was quite rocky and a bit sloped so it took a bit of work to get the area ready. Once that was finished, the swingset went together quickly! We're going to put a border around the area and then put down a bunch of mulch. So it should really look nice this spring!

i hadn't realized it before, but the new swing set matches our house perfectly!!! Our house is wood-sided with an identical red cedar stain, and it has a green metal roof...that matches the canopy, slide, swings etc perfectly! It's truly a beautiful product and looks like it was custom built to match our house. :)

The quality of this swing set is incredible. My husband (who is not easily impressed) was very impressed with it. :) While building it he commented several times on how heavy duty the hardware was and how 'solid' the whole thing seemed. These sets are built to be played on!!

My only complaint about our new swing set...is that my daughter now breaks down into tears every time i tell her she has to come inside. :) Yesterday we played outside until it was almost dark. when i told her we had to come inside she said between sobs, " i just can't stop thinking about the swing set. It's just too much fun!!! "
Our beautiful wooden swing set is made by Kid's Creations LCC.
You can check out their website here and connect with them on facebook here.

We really could not be more pleased with our new swing set. The craftsmanship and quality of their swing sets is outstanding. i also really love Kid's Creations commitment to safety and the environment, that they are USA made, and the story of how they got started. Truly an awesome company!!

Again, i just need to shout out one more huge THANK YOU to Jeff Snell and everyone at the Kid's Creation company. You have truly made my kids year!!!


  1. You can tell how excited they are!! My ma-in-law got a big set for her daughters kids a few years ago and my husband got to help with putting it together. I don't think it would have been quite as hard to put it together had they done it a little sooner.... the box sat out for almost two months before they tackled it (she bought it way early) and by that time all of the little stickers had worn off! It took them a whole day just to figure out what pieces were what!

  2. So creative and fun. I really enjoy treasure hunts and the kids faces are so full of excitement. What a great gift to give.