Friday, February 3, 2012

Here come the Dragons!

i absolutley LOVE dragons. :) Do ya'all remember when i made this dragon for my boy sometime last year? It was one of those things i was really excited about at the time, cut out pieces to make several more...and then eventually gave up on it. i only managed to finish this one dragon. Well, almost finish it.. he still needs eyes.

Although i don't really make new Year's resolutions...i do tend to come up with a few goals as i start to make my way through the new year. This year, one of my goals is to finish all of my 'unfinished' projects.

So i finally pulled out the dragon, with the intention of finishing it. Instead, i started thinking about ways to simplify and re-vamp the pattern. My original pattern is too time consuming and detailed for me to be able to sell them. i've had a lot of interest in them though, so i wanted to come up with something that was equally as cool, but wouldn't take me a year and a half to finish. tee hee. :)

This is my new re-vamped dragon!! Getting rid of those clawed feet takes a couple hours off of the time it takes to make them. i also made the wings a bit smaller, and decided against the embroidery along the tops of them. i left the face horn 'mask' although i'm not sure i'm going to continue to add the 'beard'. i'm going to play around with some different faces, and different horn i may end up with severeal different dragon species. :)

The wings although smaller and less detailed, are still fully adjustable. :) You can click the picture to see a larger version. What do you think??

In this picture you can see how they compare. Without the feet the new dragons stand a little smaller. They measure approx. 7" tall and 9" across. i'm working on making several more with different colored horns etc. i LOVE the textured scaly looking felt, but i can only get it in 2 or 3 colors. So i'm going to be making smooth skinned dragons as well ( i need one in purple!!)

This is my second dragon using my simplified pattern.

You can click on the photo to see it better. i wanted to show off how the wings adjust and give a better view of the chest and face. i'm super thrilled with how they are coming out. i can wait to make a whole rainbow of dragons!! :) i will also be putting together a few sets with a wizard, knight & horse and a dragon. i'm still working on pricing them, but will be offering them for sale soon.
i would love some feedback on these. Is there anything you especially like or don't like? Changes you would like to see? What colors do you think would work best for dragons?
i appreciate any thoughts, comments and suggestions!


  1. They're incredible! I'm so impressed!

    I've always liked the blue/green/purple combo w/ dragons myself ;-)

  2. Wow, super cool. I like how you can even see the texture in the black one ;)
    I think you did a nice job on the colors! maybe some gold? but seriously, these are cool stuff!