Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pardon the dust...

i've finally gotten motivated to upgrade my blog a bit. i know very little about website construction/html and blog this has been quite a learning experience. You will probably notice a lot of little changes, and broken links etc for a while until i get it all figured out. i added a navigation bar at the top, but am still not sure what i actually want the buttons you'll probably see them change a bit until i get it figured out. i just linked them to random pages for now.

i'm working on building a shopping cart to link up to the 'shop' button, instead of just linking to my old website. i thought about trying to list stuff on etsy again, but would rather just have a shoppingcart/ check out system right on the blog. i've started building a Vendorshop in FB, so we'll see how it works. If you have any experience with the Vendorshop app i would love to chat with you. i have some questions about it, but can't find anyone else that uses it.

i also just figured out how to get those social media buttons in the right corner, but i'm not sure they are linked up correctly. i've had trouble getting the descriptions to hover over the i'm still playing with that. If you happen to notice any major bugs or broken links feel free to let me know!

i'm also curious how my blog displays on different browsers. i had a tough time getting the columns to line up correctly., and may eventually move to only one side column instead of the two. i need to clean up a bunch of random buttons etc and try to make the page less cluttered.

Would love feedback! Thanks!

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  1. my first time here so i can't compare. i try to keep my blog uncluttered but that can be difficult.

    good luck with construction and i think the place looks great!!