Sunday, February 12, 2012

Spin Art Hearts and Recycled Crayon Valentines

We really love to give homemade valentines. Last year, we made recycled crayon hearts and owl valentines . We decided to make the recycled crayons again this year.

These are super easy to make. You just place your broken crayons into heart shaped molds (mine is metal, i've been told the silicon work better). Heat your oven to 275 and bake about 8-10 min. or until all the crayons are melted. Take the pan out slowly, and let them cool until they begin to set. i like to pop mine into the freezer for a few minutes...makes them set much quicker. Once they are completely cooled. You just pop them out of the pan.

We have just recently been having a lot of fun with spin art!! Sage received a Spin Art set from her Great Aunt and has really had fun with it! i remember seeing Spin Art hearts (over at The Chocolate Muffin Tree, i think) and thought they would make the perfect Valentine's this year.
Instead of using paper, we used the small (4 cup) coffee filters to make our spin art.

We made a bunch, and then let them dry.

We cut out construction paper hearts. i folded the paper into quarters, and then cut the hearts. So we got 4 hearts from each piece of 8.5 x11 paper. Here's a basic template if you need one.

Then we cut smaller hearts from the spin art the kids had made earlier in the day, and i let my girl glue them together. She wrote her names and messages on the back.

Then we added a heart crayon to the center of each valentine. i had a tough time finding something to stick the hearts to the valentines. Glues do not work. After a bit of online searching, i found a suggestion for using double-sided foam mounting tape. i didn't have any on hand, and wasn't going to run to the store for it, so we looked for an alternative. Turns out duct tape worked great! i cut a small piece and folded it over and they stuck!! :)

i thought they really turned out nice, and my girl is so proud of them! She can't wait to hand them out at the party on Tuesday.


  1. this is such a great idea! Their friends are going to love them!

  2. Duct tape!! That was what I used!!Ha ha..I tried so many things, I couldn't remember which one I ended up with :o)Kids will love them for sure!

  3. So pretty! We did something similar a few years back, putting our spin art hearts onto cards. It was a big job for my little guy at the time, but so fun.

  4. THese turned out wonderful! Spin Art Hearts were my first posting ever (1/2011)