Sunday, February 26, 2012

New work and inspiration

Dragons!!! i've been having so much fun making dragons for the past couple of weeks.

i've been playing around with the pattern a bit, and decided to soften the face and get rid of the beard. This gives the dragons a softer and gentler look.

i really love the way they turned out. If i would have had the right materials in orange and yellow, i would have made a rainbow set. :) Both of my kids really like the original dragons too, so i will continue to make some with beards as well. They make a slightly scarier dragon.

While sitting around sewing dragons and seahorses i remembered a character from a childhood book that seemed to be a mix between the two. So i started looking around for an image of the Serendipity Sea Creature.

Do you remember these books??

This is my version of the Sea creature. :)

i loved it so much i had to make a second. This time i added a matching mermaid. :) i like the way they turned out, but i'm going to play with the pattern a bit more to widen the face. i think it could really add to the overall cuteness. :)

i've also been working to make a few more family sets. This set is already sold, but i will be making lots of new ones.
Over at my facebook page someone had suggested that they would like to see the family from The Children of the Forest books. Aren't they adorable??

This is my attempt at them. :) i tried two different mushroom cap styles. The first is a hat i've done before, but the second looks more like that hats in the book i think. i'm going to work on the mama and papa inspired from the book later this week.

i'm really getting excited about my new designs, and have so many more ideas i haven't had a chance to create yet. i am really enjoying this surge of creative energy and i hope that i do not lose it when garden season starts.

i've been trying to set up a Vendorshop throught FB, but still do not have it up and running yet. All the creations in this post are sold, but if you are interested in similar items you can get updates on my FB page. i post new work once or twice a week.


  1. You've very talented... love those dragons!

  2. The dragons are lovely! I remember LOVING the Serendipity book as a child, but I had forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. I remember the Serendipity books too!!! I loved them so much. :-) Unicorns were one of my most favorite things as a child, and there were at least a couple Serendipity books that were about unicorns, as well as many other adorable animals. :-) I would also like to thank you for this wonderful reminder.