Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy St. Patty's Day!

i admit, St. Patrick's day is one of those holidays that we don't really celebrate. As far i know, we are not Irish, we are vegetarian so we won't be eating corned beef, and i'm not a drinker. So yeah, not a whole lot to get excited about.
However, the school makes a bit of a big deal about it so both kids came home this week super excited about St. Patrick's day. i had no real plans to do anything special, but did agree to make green pancakes. :)

i even attempted to make them shamrock shaped. :) In order to get myself into the mood, i put The Dropkick Murphys station on Pandora. :) If you are a fan of Irish punk, this station is awesome! It plays lots of Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, The Young Dubliners, Blaggards, and the Tossers. Good Stuff. :) Sure to get your feet moving and make you feel a bit Irish.

We spent the whole day outside! Lots of swinging, hula hooping and playing. My boy is getting a bit too old to like having his picture taken. hee hee.

Both of my kids can totally rock a hula hoop! :)

i think Sage has been feeling nature deprived. She was so happy to spend the entire day outside, looking for leprechauns, running, jumping and rolling in the grass. Even though our winter was pretty mild, we have all been ready for spring! It feels so good to be out in the sunshine, with flower popping up everywhere, our Nanking cherry is in full bloom, and the peaches are begining to bud. It truly was a glorious day to be outside!

My only other contribution to St. Patty's day was a rainbow cake! If i'd put a little thought into it, i would have purchased some chocolate coins to decorate it with...but it was totally spontaneous and too late to run to the store. No speeches on the horrendous amount of food coloring in We only do these once or twice a year. ;)

We ended our day eating dinner outside around a Bonfire. This was our first bonfire of the year. im already dreaming about spring/summertime, dinners outside, playing till dark, chasing fireflies and playing in the creek.

St. Patrick's Day is an enchanted time - a day to begin transforming winter's dreams into summer's magic. ~Adrienne Cook


  1. There are a very few moms who are living what amounts to a dream for me and what I want for my child and you're one of them. Of course, I mean like a dream where I wouldn't have to do all the hard work it takes to sustain your magical world!
    I LOVE the photo of Sage in the grass so much!! And the growing up boy shot is perfect too.
    The food coloring is worth it for a rainbow cake, of course!
    Happy Day!

  2. Rainbow cake turned out great!The leprechauns turned our milk green and hid the box of lucky charms in our house!Lol .. that was as festive as it gets here and my Great-grandmother came over from Ireland!Sounds like you had a magical day.