Saturday, April 21, 2012

Purple Garden Progress.

Last month i posted about planning a purple garden this year. We rotated our gardens, so that the potatoes are planted in the new garden space. My cold crops have been moved to the old potato bed, so my front garden which has been primarily cold crops has now been turned into a 'Purple garden'.

Many of my purple vegetables haven't been planted yet, or haven't sprouted yet. It is still too early to plant the purple beans, tomatoes and other things.

Majesty lettuce is just beginning to come in. This is my first time growing it, and i'm really impressed with it's deep burgundy color. It is just gorgeous!!

Purple Asparagus. :) We already have an established asparagus bed, and have harvested enough for two meals already. We lost quite a few shoots with the last frost, but have tons of new shoots emerging, so i think we are going to have a pretty good harvest this year. i thought this purple shoot was pretty.

This is the Redbor kale starting to come in. If the weather stays cool it should turn a deep purple. We absolutely love kale.

Purple cabbage. My family isn't a big fan of cabbage, but i couldn't resist planting it because of the deep color, and even the foliage is tinted in purple. Even if i'm only one to eat it, i think it was worth planting for it's colors alone. :)

These are the Blue podded peas , which will produce lovely purple flowers, and blue/purple podded peas.

Also planted, but not pictured (or coming yet) is Cosmic purple carrots, Violet Sicilian cauliflower, and red velvet lettuce.
Once the danger of frost has passed, i'll be planting the purple bush beans, purple basil, Cherokee purple tomatoes, purple peppers and more!

My husband and son recently went on field trip to Monticello with the 4th grade class, and brought me back some heirloom Purple Calabash Tomato seeds that were actually harvested from the gardens of Monticello. Thomas Jefferson first documented planting these in his garden in 1809. i thought that was pretty neat. :) Although not technically, purple... i will have those in this garden as well. :)