Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Work for Sale.

i'm finally (only took about a month) getting back into the groove of having both kids at home during the week. Things were really hectic for a while, with summer day trips, company and trying to get my garden completely planted.
So here we are in July, and my kids have finally stopped fighting constantly...and they actually play together! They are nolonger constantly bored, instead enjoying this time to read, write letters, make up games, day dream and just be kids. It's nice.

This has allowed me to pull out my work, and be crafty again. Right now i am trying to get my store stocked with bendy dolls and accessories, but i really, really want to pick up the Waldorf dolls again. i will, in time.

Anyhow, here are the new items i have available!

Woodland Acorn family set. The set is $25 shipped first class (US). Mama has red hair and blue eyes, and papa has dark brown hair/beard and green eyes.

Woodland Gnome family set. The set is $25 shipped first class (US). Mama has dark brown hair and golden/brown eyes, and papa has light brown hair/beard and blue eyes.

Purple fairy. Black hair, blue eyes. $12 shipped first class (US).

Acorn Cap girl with apron. Blond hair, brown eyes. She is $12 shipped first class (US).

Acorn Cap Fairy. Blond hair, greenish/blue eyes. She is $12 shipped first class (US).

All bendy dolls are approx. 3" tall, and are not suitable for children under 3. The dolls in the family set can be purchased individually if you do not want the set.

These three sets are sold, but i am in the process of making a few more. So if your interested, keep an eye on my facebook page. i will be listing a new set in the next day or two. i will also be starting some new dragons. i got a bit burned out on them, but am ready to tackle a few more.

i have a few other premade bendy dolls/sets available in my for sale folder so feel free to take a peek!

Have a great weekend!!


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