Saturday, August 31, 2013

Quick and Easy Meals- Veggie Hash

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 As you can probably imagine, over the last several month we have gotten into the habit of eating some not so healthy stuff.  After the fire we spent a week at The Hotel Floyd, and another week in a friend's office.  We ate out almost every day at restaurants, or ate frozen/boxed dinners.  

Once we moved into the rental house i was able to cook again, or at least i had the tools too cook. However the truth is that i was unable to really cook much of anything. All of my stores of homegrown canned and frozen food were gone, and i found myself at the grocery stores not really know what to buy.  Still in a state of shock, with depression setting in our meals consisted of a lot of grilled cheese, frozen pizza, boca burgers and pancakes/breakfast dinners. There was probably a few days that we ate cereal for dinner. 

When we moved into the RV, i found myself challenged again when it came to meals.  The camper has very little refrigerator and cupboard space. So we can keep a very limited amount of food here before it goes bad. The humidity causes the bread/buns to mold unless refrigerated, but there just isn't space in the fridge for them. i also quickly realized that i was still missing a lot of my necessary kitchen items. The house we had been in was fully furnished so i didn't need anything.  Now that i was in this RV i realized i didn't have simple things like a carrot peeler, a paring knife, casserole dishes etc.  So it took a bit of time to begin collecting all the things that i needed again.  

So even though we back at our property, we were eating a lot of crap. Now that the garden is producing well, we have really finally started to eat better. i do not have to rely on food in the fridge to create meals, i can walk outside and pick it right out of the garden. The limited space still means i need to create rather simple meals, but i have a lot more options now!

Veggie hash has became a favorite recipe.  My potatoes ended up with late blight this year so i had to dig them all early. i ended up with over 40lbs of tiny new potatoes.  New potatoes will not store well because they have such thin skin and were not hardened off, so they needed to be eaten!  We have given some away, but still have a bunch so i'm been cooking them up just about every other day.

i'm sure there are lots of ways to make a veggie hash, i didn't follow a recipe just used the veggies i had on hand.   i quartered the potatoes (i have red, purple and white) and cooked them with onions and garlic in some olive oil until they began to brown. Then i added diced peppers, zucchini and yellow squash. and continued to cook until all the veggies were tender.  Add a bit of salt and pepper or fresh herbs to taste. You can add other veggies, sweet potato, Swiss chard...what ever you've got. 

The night of this photo i served it up with a fresh garden salad, sliced cucumbers, fresh sliced peaches and green beans. Everything came from the garden except the oil to cook them, dressing for the salad and the salt and pepper. For the first time in a very long time i was almost excited to cook again. i've started looking for other simple garden meals and will share them as i come across favorites.

i'm planning a little giveaway, but haven't quite decided what i am giving away yet. i was thinking about having a garden seed giveaway, but realized i don't have a lot of extra seeds right now. Was also thinking about posting an Autumn themed bendy doll giveaway, but i'm still working on it.  Trying to play catch up on a few posts and then i'll figure out what i want to giveaway. Should be fun regardless.

*update! Giveaway has been posted!! Click here to check it out!

What's growing in your garden?  Do you have any favorite easy garden recipes to share? 


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