Friday, November 8, 2013

Craft fever has hit!

Every year, around this time....the craft fever hits.  i blame it on a combination of the weather, the lack of garden and the whole impending season of gift giving.  As soon as the garden dies back and the weathers turns cold, i curl up with my hot coffee (or tea) wrap up in a blanket and pull out the crafts! 

Even with my lack of space here in the camper the craft projects have started to take over. i'm trying to get a head start on gifts for my kids, teacher's gifts, trying to make up extra stock to sell and i have a handful of other folks i'd like to make gifts for.  So November is the beginning of the crafting craziness. 

Because of the lack of space, i have hesitated to purchase a whole lot of craft supplies. i've been trying to use up what i already have, which right now is a lot of felt.  i made the dragons to replace the ones i made my kids a few years ago. i will be posting some for sale on my fb page sometime before xmas. 

 i made the wolf mask for Halloween, and loved it so much i decided to make a fox mask too. These were inspired by the patterns Oxeyedaisy is selling on etsy!  That store has some of the best patterns for felt masks i've ever come across. Definitely check them out, if you are wanting to make a mask of your own.  

i wanted to make Sage a Totoro plushie forever, and finally got around to making one. i searched around for some ideas and came across this really easy tutorial with a printable template.  i had so much fun making it, that i decided to make a couple more. i have a few friends i'd like to surprise with Totoros. :) 

i've also started on some crocheted dish/wash clothes, although i need to pick up some more yarn. i love to give handmade dish/wash clothes with a bar of locally made soap as gifts. 

November begins the Handmade Holiday posts! i'm in the process of putting together a handmade Holiday Gift guide, i will also be featuring several of my favorite crafters/products, and you can expect to see a few giveaways as well!