Sunday, August 28, 2016

Chalk Markers in the Greenhouse.

i first discovered chalk board markers several months ago.  i bought a chalkboard to use as a memo board, but chalk looked so sloppy on it. i wanted it to look neater like the bistro boards that you often see with menus listed on them.  i did a little research and learned that they were using chalkboard markers. 

Chalk board markers write like a marker, but once they are dry they wipe off like chalk. The first set i bought off of ebay and i don't remember the brand, but they were fine tipped and behaved just like a regular marker. 

i recently had to the opportunity to review a set of 10 chalk  board markers from #Colors4Fun. These markers are quite large, and behave a bit more like paint pens than markers. You have to press the tip down to get the paint to flow.  

i loved the vibrant colors, but the tips are so fat that it's hard to write details on my little chalk board memo board.

So i took them out to my greenhouse. Chalk markers are one of my favorite 'gardening tools'.  i use them to label my post and seed trays. The chalk labels won't wash off just from basic watering.  When you want to take them off, you just use a damp cloth and they wipe away just like chalk.  They have helped me to stay much more organized this year with my planting. i usually lose my labels or the sharpie wears off and i can't read what i planted, but with the chalk markers the label stay perfectly visable until i want to remove them.

i really love these chalk markers.  My only complaint is that the tips are so fat, although i think for someone writing on a large chalkboard or bistro menu the large tips are perfect. They are just a little big for writing on my small chalk board.  So i'll be on the lookout for some with finer tips, just for that. This set will stay in my greenhouse. It's really a fantastic set. You can find it here on amazon. 

If you've never used chalk board markers before, i'd like to note that they do not always wash off of some chalkboards. i'm not sure why that is, but sometimes they leave a residue behind and sometimes they won't wash off at all. It isn't usually the marker that is the problem, it's the chalkboard. i've found that magic eraser works wonderfully to remove any residue that your chalk board markers have left behind.

Chalkboard markers are truly my new favorite thing and an unlikely gardening tool. Having all my plants labeled this year though, has been wonderful and i can't recommend them enough! 

i received this item for free in exchange for my honest review. i was not compensated. i truly love them!


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