Thursday, February 16, 2017

Eat Well, Be Well - Influenster campaign

Sometime last year i signed up for Influenster and then sort of forgot about it.  Influenster allows you to  test out and review products, share honest opinions with brands and the community.  Last month i received an invite to their Eat Well, Be well campaign.  i filled out the survey and then a few weeks later received an email saying i was accepted into the campaign and would be receiving my Voxbox soon.

i really had no idea what to expect. i've received freebies through Bzzagent, and figured this was similar. When my Voxbox arrived, i was super excited to see what was inside!  My box was full of good stuff!

My box contained a sample pack of gluten free pretzel twists by Glutino, recipe cards, free product coupons for Udi's Gluten Free, Evol. foods and Earth's Balance.  It also had a Eat Well notebook, evol foods sticker and information about how to complete the campaign.

i had a hard time finding local stores that carried a selection of the products. i thought i'd do best at Kroger, but their selection was pretty small.  i was able to find Earth Balance products at both Kroger and Foodlion, and i ended up finding the Evol and Udi's at Target! They actually had a very nice selection of both.

Evol foods had several products that looked delicious.  



Their Mission is to inspire people to care about where food comes from and how it is
 produced, making REAL FOOD that tastes delicious.

i tried the portabella, goat-cheese ravioli and was not dissapointed! It really is delicious for a frozen
pre-made meal. We do not usually purchase pre-made meals, so i found it a bit of a treat. 

i also had the opportunity to tryout Udi's Gluten-free products. They make all knds of gluten-free items including breads, cookies, pizza, pastas and more.  i tried the sweet potato ravioli. The sauce was really delicious, and the ravioli has a delightful sweet potato flavor. i found the pasta to be slightly tough, and just not as tender as regular pasta. For a gluten free product it was very good.

Udi's mission is to provide you with the best gluten-free food on the planet.

Earth Balance is most known for being the country's fastest selling, most popular vegan buttery spread.  They make many other delicious vegan, gmo-free, plant based foods.  i tried out the coconut peanut butter. It's so good!!  i like to have it on toast sprinkled with  flax seed and hemp hearts. So yummy!

The last product i tried out are the Glutino gluten-free pretzel twists. i just had a little sample bag, so i tried a couple and then chocolate covered a few for Valentine's day. The gluten-free pretzels had a slightly different texture, almost crispier than regular pretzels, and the flavor was delicious! My daughter said she preferred them to the regular pretzels we buy. Gluteno offers a wide range of products for those that are gluten free, so you can live fully everyday and not feel restricted by a gluten free diet.

i really enjoyed participating in this Influenster Voxbox, and loved getting to sample the different products. Although i don't often buy a lot of prepacked food, it is nice to see that their are so many options available forprepackaged foods made with real ingredients, options for those eating #plantmade foods and #glutenfree.  i'll definitely be recommending these brands to my friends and family.

*i received these products for free to review, i was not compensated. My opinions are my own.


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