Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Coconut Macaroons with Sweet Home and Kitchen measuring set- Review

i'm still moving forward on my goal to eliminate most of the plastic in my kitchen.  The measuring cups i've been using are a mismatched set of plastic measuring cups. Three different plastic sets combined to make a complete set.  So i was really excited to have the opportunity to review the #SweetHomeKitchen Measuring Cups and Spoons Set. 

This 10 piece set is stainless steel, so it doesn't rust or corrode.  They have colorful Anti-Slip Heat-Resistant Handles with silicone grips. They are engraved with both metric and Imperial measuring units and they have an easy to remove ring to keep them together while storing. The set is FDA approved and dishwasher safe. i'm excited to finally get rid of my plastic measuring cups and replace them with these lovely stainless steel ones.  

i put them to the test today making Coconut Macaroons.  The measurements are accurate and they are easy to clean. No oil residue left over, like you sometimes get with plastic. Coconut macaroons are easy to make, you can find the recipe below. 

Coconut Macaroons

3 cups sweetened, shredded coconut.
 4 large egg whites
 1/2 cup sugar
 1 teaspoon vanilla
 1/4 teaspoon salt

Preheat oven to 350 and grease cookie sheets or use parchment paper.

Using an electric mixer beat egg whites and salt until stiff peaks form.
Gradually add sugar.
Fold in the coconut and vanilla by hand until just mixed.

Drop by tablespoon onto prepared pans.
Bake at 350 degrees for 12-15 minutes.

Optional- once cool dip the bottoms in melted chocolate if desired.

My daughter and i both love to bake, so having a good set of measuring cups & spoons is essential.  Four years after the house fire and we are still slowly replacing items that had been donated.  As excited as i am to replace the old plastic measuring cups, it's a little bittersweet as well knowing that each of those cups were gifted to us in our time of need.  Although the set is mismatched and the measurements have rubbed off some of them, i'll pass them on to someone else who needs them, as they still have plenty of life left in them.. It has been a long process of replacing lost things, but we are getting there and trying to simplify as we go. This set is a lovely addition to the other stainless steel kitchen accessories and tools that i've recently acquired.

You can find it for sale on Amazon- http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N0SL4NH They are currently $18.99 free shipping with prime. Use code Z9Z6OU8O during checkout to get 10% off.

*i received this set of measuring cups and spoons at no cost in exchange for my honest review. My opinions are my own.


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