Tuesday, September 12, 2017

End of Summer Camping- Roraima Screen Tent Review

This summer the kids really enjoyed camping out in the backyard. We had campfires on the weekend weekends, and enjoyed cooking out over the fire.  We've been working on creating a nice backyard recreational area, where we can loung around and hang out in the evening, have dinner outside and just enjoy the summer.

When the kids have friends over, they love getting out the tent and camping in the back yard. We make a camp fire, cook veggie dogs, and roast veggie packs  in the fire pit.

We also have our hammock set up under the deck, and solar lights above it to create an inviting atmosphere. Eventually we'd like to make this area a walk out patio with decorative stone, a built in fire pit and maybe a hot tub. :)  We have a lot of plans for this area, but right now just enjoy it as our backyard camp spot.

We have a small table and chairs under the deck where we put the food out, but because it's right on the edge of the woods the bugs are terrible and constantly try to get in the food. i end up having to keep everything covered. It's kind of a pain.

So we recently got this screen tent by Roraima, to make cookouts far more enjoyable!  This bug proof screen tent is huge! It's 13 x 9 and around 7' tall. It has plenty of room to fit the table and chairs and an inflatable lounger inside! It's very spacious and incredibly easy to set up and take down.

The entire screen tent and poles pack up into this small duffle bag, and it only weights around 20lbs. It's really manageable to take on picnics, camping or to festivals! It has stakes and ties to secure it down so the wind doesn't blow it over. The poles are made from fiberglass, so it's pretty sturdy.

Setting up and taking down is really easy. You just unroll it and open it up so that the top of the screen tent faces up. There are three poles that fit into the top, and then 4 legs poles. Sets up similar to a tent, but honestly much easier. It was really straight forward. The screen tent has a zippered door on the front and back, and a hook for hanging a camping light. There are also attached tie strings if you want to tie the doors open.

We've really been enjoying our summer of backyard camping, hiking, kayaking and cooking out. i'm really bummed that summer is winding down, and the kids are back at school. The temperatures have really been cool for September, but i'm hoping for another Indian summer so we can camp and cookout a few more times before the winter comes.

i received the Roraima screen house for free or heavily discounted in exchange for my honest review, all opinions are my own.
This screen house is available on amazon http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0732V1WRX It's currently 20% off  and free shipping if you have prime.


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