Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Harry Potter in concert! Richmond, VA.

This past weekend, Kenan surprised us with tickets to the Harry Potter concert series in Richmond, VA.  Richmond is about 3-3.5 hours away. So it's close enough that we could have just made it a day trip, but we opted to driving out the night before and staying overnight in a hotel. 

The kids were super excited and both dressed up in their Hogwarts uniforms. There were lots of other folks, both kids and adults in costume. They had a small (crowded) table selling Harry Potter Merchandise. They sold out of most sizes pretty quickly, and we were there an hour before the concert actually started.

Kenan had purchased our tickets last minute, and they were almost sold out. He was able to get the last 4 seats together, up in the balcony.   We were totally in the nosebleed section, as far up and you can be possibly be. We could see the stage great though.

The theater was absolutely amazing. i wish i'd gotten more picture of it. i didn't think i'd be allowed to bring my camera in though, and my phone takes crappy pictures.  We were actually up on the second level balcony.  Being up as high as we were it was easy to forget the orchestra was even there. They sounded fantastic, but they sounded exactly like the movie so our focus was more on the movie than the orchestra. i think those with seats down lower would have had the opposite perspective, where the focus was on the orchestra and less on the film. When the film ended and the credits were rolling the orchestra continued to play and that was really neat. It was also neat to be in a place with so many Harry Potter fans. The energy was fantastic.

It was an amazing experience nonetheless, and we are already talking about wanting to see the next one.  We saw Sorcerer's Stone, but Chamber of Secrets and  Prisoner of Azkaban are already playing in different cities.  This may be a new Annual tradition until we have seen them all.


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