Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Oyster Mushroom Recipes.

We've had a good flush of oyster mushrooms this spring, both from logs we plugged and just foraging. Now that we've learned how to correctly identify them, we seem to see them everywhere! This basket contains foraged oysters and a couple of shiitake we grew.

These are blue oyster just starting to fruit. These are on plugged logs. We grew several variety of oyster mushroom this year. They seem to be the easiest to grow.

First thing i did with our homegrown oyster mushrooms was make a homemade pizza. The pizza crust was made from scratch, i added homemade pizza sauce from tomatoes canned last year, homemade mozzarella cheese, homegrown spinach, asparagus and onion.  Before putting the oyster mushrooms on the pizza i sauteed them with some garlic. It was delicious!

i also used some in an omelet. In the spring, i love making meals using all homegrown foods. These are made using eggs from our hens, spinach, asparagus and sauteed oyster mushrooms. You can tell what is in season right now from the meals i'm making. :) 

We had a lot of the wild oyster mushrooms, so i made them into a vegetarian bbq.  Just cut or shred the oyster mushrooms, saute in a little oil and add bbq sauce. Served them on onion buns with swiss cheese and a homegrown salad with sliced shiitake. These were really tasty!

i also bookmarked this link that has a bunch of yummy looking recipes i can't wait to try!

It's been a lot of fun growing our own mushrooms, i check the logs daily for any new mushroom growth.  We just plugged more logs with shiitake, so by next year we should have more mushrooms than we know what to do with.  We have so much going on here this year, i'll try to keep up with the updates!


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