Monday, March 25, 2019

Dusting off my sewing machine.

A couple weeks ago my daughter asked if we could get her sewing machine out so she could work on making a cosplay outfit.  i got the machine all set up and ready to go, but she decided she wasn't in the mood to sew anymore. So i got out some fabric and decided to make a few rag dolls.

i do most of my sewing on the machine, but these dolls and my Waldorf dolls both require a bit of hand sewing as well.  The arms and legs are attached with the machine, but the head is attached separately by hand using a ladder stitch so no stitches are visible. By sewing the head & neck separate it allows me to pack the neck and body really firm, so it doesn't end up floppy.  i've found it difficult to do this if the head and torso are all one piece.

The biggest struggle i always have making dolls is choosing the fabric for their clothing and accessories. i have so many gorgeous fabrics, it's really hard to pick.  i have a bin of premade clothing  i made so once i have the dolls hair and face finished, i can find an outfit that matches the personality i'm trying to create.

i've been having a ton of fun putting them together. i always start off with the plan of making basic rag dolls, but then i can't stop adding jewelry, bags, hats and sweaters.  i'm trying to keep them mostly simple, but the accessories are so much fun.  

The hair is hand sewn in three layers, a trick i learned while doing Waldorf dolls. It gives the look of having a full head of hair, without having excessive amounts of yarn weighing down the head.  i still have to finishes the faces on these but i love the way they are turning out.

A little more progress on these ladies. It's been a while since i've done a lot of sewing having taken a break to focus on my glass work last year.  i forgot how much i love it.  i already made a few dolls since getting this picture, and just bought more fabric to make more.

Ragdolls are a really fun and easy project to make.  If you are new to sewing, you can find all the information you need to get started sewing at Teach You to Sew. You'll find information about the best sewing machines, different types of needles, notions, supplies and everything you'll need to get started.  i created my own basic pattern for these, but you can find similar ones online.

i'm really hoping my daughter will regain her interest in sewing so we can work on a few projects together. A few years ago she really got into it and made herself a couple pokemon plushies, a few pygmy puffs and animal ear headbands for all the girls in her class. :) 

i'll have these dolls available for sale soon. i have a few craft shows coming up next month, and then i'll eventually get them listed for sale on my website.

disclaimer. This is a sponsored post. It contains affiliate links and i do receive a small compensation for posting.


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