Thursday, April 25, 2019

Springtime Baking

So all winter i've been on a pretty big baking kick.  i've really enjoyed the process of making (and eating) homemade bread.  When it was cold outside it was nice working in a warm kitchen with the oven. Now that the temperatures are getting warmer during the days i haven't been baking near as much.   The house just gets too warm, and i want to be outside, not sitting around waiting for my bread to rise.  So i still haven't gotten around to attempting sour dough.

On cooler, rainy days i've still been playing around with a few recipes. Tried something a little different and made a honey wheat seeded loaf. It's half wheat/half white flour with hemp, flax and chia seeds. It was pretty good, but a little too dense and heavy for my liking.

i recently learned to 'rest' the dough when braiding. Usually when i braid the dough pulls back making it difficult to get a long braid. This time i let it rest (maybe a little too much) and ended up with a braid that was longer than my pan so i spiraled it around.  i really love braiding bread.

This was my attempt at some decorative braiding on top of a loaf.  It was actually a bit of a failure since the heating element in my oven went out in the middle of the bake! i had to finish it off with the broiler. The bread was pretty flat, but actually still tasted really good and had a nice texture.

So now that garden season is in full swing. i've been looking into getting a bread machine. i really don't know too much about them,  but like the idea of baking bread all summer without heating up the house.  Also most bread machines have a timer function which you can set to bake bread at a certain time. So i can prepare the ingredients in the morning and let the machine do its work while i'm working on something else and not have to worry about over proofing. 

This was my last baking attempt before Easter. i wanted to try and make a pretty Italian Easter Bread.  i think i may have over proofed it, it doubled insize once in the oven and tried to push all the eggs out.  i'm been wanting to try making it again, but it's just been too warn to turn the oven on.

Since i was thinking about bread machines to cut down the heat in the kitchen, i checked out some Bread Machine reviews at The Village Bakery  They list the top 20 bread machines and include advantages and disadvantages of each one.  They also have the links to each machine so after reading their review you can check it out on amazon to see the price and what others think of the product.  It makes shopping for a bread machine (when you really don't know what you are looking for) very easy! 

 While at The Village Bakery, be sure and check out their 20 best whole wheat recipes!  i have several recipes bookmarked that i'm eager to try.  You can find other tips and resources for all your cooking needs! 

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