Tuesday, June 15, 2010

mermaids in the making.

Last month i posted about my first attempt at making Sage a mermaid tail. She liked it so much, that i decided to make another, this time using some pretty cotton tie-dyed batik fabric i'd found. i did a few things differently with the design and love the way it turned out! It has an elastic waist so Sage can put it on and off all by herself. i like the cotton much better than the silky fabric. It's easier to sew, and more durable. She puts it on almost every day.

i've been intending to make her some felt 'sea shells' boobie covers...but haven't gotten there yet.
Hangin' with her favorite hen, Gylfie.

and dancing in the rain.

Sage's birthday is coming up on the solstice, and she'll finally be recieving her Dragonfly's hollow doll! i'm so excited!! :) i had some left over fabric from her mermaid tail, and so i made a matching mermaid tail for the doll she'll be getting. i'd like to make a few clothing sets as well, and some wings. i can't wait to give them all to her. Just another week, and my baby will be 4!

By the way, Dragonfly's Hollow is having another doll giveaway right now! So head over, and check out her blog for details and for a chance to win a fabulous doll of your own!

The last time i was out shopping, i decided to pick up a few more fun fabrics that i thought would make good mermaid tails. i'm hoping to have a few to sell, trade or gift sometime this summer. Keep your eyes peeled for them!


  1. That tail is amazing, and I love the matching one for her doll. What an incredible gift!

  2. soo unbelievably cute! Beautiful! Precious! Love it.