Thursday, July 22, 2010

Current projects.

i thought i'd post a sneak peek of what i am working on right now.
For starters, i have a ton of veggies to deal with. When we returned from our weekend trip to Raleigh (we were only gone about 36 , i came home to all of this!

So have been busy picking, and freezing and finding other creative uses for our zucchini. i'm going to try zucchini pickles and zucchini relish this year as well as regular cucumber pickles.

Wax beans will be blanched and frozen, and i already have more to pick.

Another project i have going on, whenever i can find a few minutes to sit down, is a Diamond Ridges hat that i am making for my sister-in-law. The picture is a bit dark but this is a lovely green wool blend. i'm also working on making another mermaid tail for my niece.

Last week, i also pulled out my beads again, and finally finished this necklace that i started ages ago. i really want to get back into beading and am slowly making my way finishing up some of these half finished pieces i have sitting around. i'm hoping that once i can get a few of these finished, i'll feel inspired to start some new ones.

This is a close up of the Pearl diver, she's done in brick stitch and holding a fresh water pearl. i love making these.

i have all these lovely cabochons captured in peyote stitch, just waiting to be finished. i have a couple agates, jasper and a labradorite..just need to string the necklaces.

i've also been working on making Sage a few new dresses. The girl absolutely loves dresses, and while sorting through her clothes i realized the majority of her dress are 2T-3T. She turned 4 last month...and although she is small for her age, i really need to make her some bigger dresses. This one is just a basic cotton dress, and i had enough extra fabric to make her doll a matching dress. :)
i'm in desperate need of a few new skirts myself. i have a couple different yards of Hemp fabric that i got from the fabulous Marlena over at Infinite Cosmos Hemp and am really hoping to make at least one for myself before the summer is over.

i'm also still trying to learn to drop spindle. i've been playing around with it quite a bit, while sitting outside watching the kids play. i still haven't really gotten the hang of it, but i keep trying. My MIL gave me a bunch of fabulous wool to play with in all different colors, and i'm eager to do some needle felting and wet felting. So many ideas, so little time. :)

So that is just a few of the projects i have going on right now. As soon as i get one thing finished up i find atleast 3 other things to do. i need to pick blackberries again, and make jam before the season is over...probably a project for this weekend.

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  1. Wow! You are one talented lady! I also have some green beans from my garden that I am going to put up today in the freezer. Isn't garden produce the best?! :)