Friday, June 17, 2016

June Harvest and Apex Garden tools.

Mid June garden update!  Getting lots of garlic scapes and asparagus.  i've harvested all the heads from my Packman broccoli, and have started harvesting side shoots now. i have purple and fractal broccoli planted, but they were planted a bit late. 

Peas are just starting to come in. This year i planted sugar snaps with a pretty blush on them. Very unusual looking, but very sweet like sugar snaps.  My Swiss chard and kale is still small, but i'm able to pick a few of the larger leaves. i pulled one carrot to check them, but they are still pretty small. This photo was taken at the beginning of the week.

As an avid gardener, i love new gardening tools!!  i tend to go through  a lot of trowels. Sometimes i misplace them, but often times i end up bending them or breaking them. My garden is mostly clay  and rock and unless it just rained the soil is always really hard and dry. i've been using these for almost a week and they are holding up great!! 

The  Apex Life Premium 4-Piece Long-Handled Gardening Tool Set  (hand trowel, transplanter, cultivator & pruning shears) are made from lightweight cast aluminum blades and tips are shiny, rust-proof, extremely sturdy and easy to clean. They have ergonomic handles that provide a comfortable grip.  

The price is a good deal for a 4 piece set. It exceeded my expectations.  Typically the inexpensive tools bend the first time i try to dig in my hard ground.  i really like the depth measurements on the transplanter tool. i usually just guess on the planting depth, but this tool made it easy to do it right every time. i used the used the pruning shears  to clip back some of the dead blackberry canes. i like the spring loaded grips and the sharp blades. i'm very happy with this set.

This was yesterday's harvest. i'm finally getting cauliflower! The other heads are still a little small, but this one was a perfect size.  More broccoli shoots, garlic scapes, asparagus and peas.  Also harvested some of the lettuce. i've been getting lettuce for a while, and it's still hasn't bittered even with the recent warm temps.

i had Kenan put some nails in my greenhouse bench to hang my new tool up. i should have taken a picture of it (it's looks awesome) but forgot to get one.  This Apex 4-piece garden tool set  really is durable top-quality and would make a perfect gift for gardening lover.

i received this product for free or discount for my honest and unbiased review.  i only review products that i actually use and recommend, i was not compensated for this review.


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