Saturday, June 11, 2016

Pippin- the world traveler.

With school out, garden season sick kids and still dealing with the affects of  the Lyme treatment,  i've had to put my dolls on the back burner for a while. i look forward to rainy days when i have an excuse to stay inside and sew. Unfortunately we haven't had a lot of rain lately, and there isn't any in the forecast until mid next week. 

This is the one i was working on last month. i decided to name her Pippin, because she looks very hobbity to me. My first thoughts were that she was a quiet homebody, who loved good food and good company. i can picture her in a little hobbit hole with a vegetable garden and cottage style flower garden.  She seemed a little boring though, and i wasn't sure what she needed to bring out her personality.  i made her a felt bag with a tree applique', but didn't like it at all.  She needed patchwork!

So i made her a little patchwork bag, and shoes and suddenly i knew she needed a hat as well!!

Although she is mostly a quiet homebody, she has a 'Tookish side' and can not pass up a good adventure.  :)  So she is my world traveler, that loves to explore new places but is always happy to come home to her little hobbit hole and her garden. 

 i've been checking the decorative boxes at the craft store, i would LOVE to find a suitcase style box or steamer trunk to package her in.  So far, i've been able to find one that is the right size, but i'm constantly looking.

i still have a few details to finish up on her, but she will be available for purchase soon.


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