Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Glass work update.

i'm still progressing on my glass work. i've taken a break from hearts and spirals to make a few goddesses pendants. i am really, really enjoying these. i've always been drawn to the image of the goddess/female form and over the years it has always been a focus in my art. So it only makes sense for me to bring it into my glass work.

These are a few of the first ones. i am not trying for any kind of consistently with these. i want them to be all shapes and sizes. Some have arms, some do not. Some have a line to separate the legs, some do not. Some have spirals on their bellies, or belly buttons and some do not. i think they are all beautiful in their uniqueness.  

i've been playing around with a few other styles. Like leaf bottoms, and spirals.

 Yesterday i started making a few with pregnant bellies, and i'm loving the way they are coming out. These have a loop in the back. the pendants that have the raised arms, do not. The arms act as the loop. i'm eager to see these progress and i continue on my lampworking journey.

i currently have these available for sale on my personal FB page, and am working to get them listed on my Enchanted Tree page and website.

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