Friday, March 3, 2017

New peeps, rescue hen and so many eggs!

My hens sure do think it's spring! i'm finally getting lots of eggs again!! Remember all those chicks that hatched out last summer?  They are all laying now. Unfortunately, of all those crazy peeps that hatched out, i only ended up with one olive egger and one medium brown layer. All the others are laying white/cream/beige eggs. i thought for certain that breeding my olive egger with the maran would create a dark olive layer...but it did not. :/ The olive egger i did get is a complete mystery since it hatched from a feral hens clutch (all brown/beige eggs)...not an olive egg. 

More daylight means more eggs! They are really starting to come in now!  i'm super thrilled with my variety of colors, but am still missing blue!!  The majority of my eggs are boring white, cream and beige. i really need blue eggs! 

So, i got some (hopefully) blue egg layers! :) With all the chicks hatched out last summer, i must have lost my mind to actually purchase more chickens!  When i saw a local farm store was selling EasterEgger/ Americanas i had to get a few. EEs lay blue eggs! They actually lay blue, green or pink eggs,,,but i'm hoping at least one will lay blue.

They are so freakin' cute. 

i also recently took in a rescue hen, We've been calling her Lola.  She is an older Easter Egger, and i was told she doesn't lay anymore. She was offered on a free site for butchering/stew pot, but i offered to give her a home and let her retire here.  The last rescue hen i took in was my Olive Egger, who became one of my best layers. So i'm secretly hoping this girl  will eventually starts laying blue eggs, but i'm fine if she doesn't.  She seems to be fitting in well with my other hens, i have several retired ladies already.  

So just when i was feeling overwhelmed by all the eggs, i found a nest under the deck with 16 eggs in it!  Several of my hens have been laying in this nest.  These dark brown eggs are from the offspring of the Olive egger hen and Maran roo.  They are not even slightly green, and just a shade lighter than my Maran eggs.  They are also the same size and shape and my maran eggs. 

So yeah, i have no idea why this hen doesn't lay green eggs and why the other one (my mystery olive egger) does.  All my theories on color breeding just went out the window. lol. 


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