Thursday, June 8, 2017

Glass progress- goddess pendants available

i'm not sure the last time i posted glass progress. With garden season here i'm spending less time in the glass shop. i'm still trying to stick with it though. Recently my focus has been on goddess pendants, and mother/baby figures.  i have these posted for sale on my facebook page. 

#131 and #37 are no longer available. i've just started doing the mamas and babies and they are still a bit wonky. Trying to get the arms right is my biggest issue, but i'm going to just keep practicing. 

i may eventually start doing some craft shows or list these on etsy, but so far just selling them on Facebook has worked out well.  i have individual pictures of each piece listed there as well.

i'm pretty proud of my progress and look forward to learning more and improving my skills.


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