Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Kayaking Adventures- Little River

Now that the summer is here, we've been trying to get out and either hike or kayak every weekend. It's been a little tough with my daughter playing softball this year, we've had double header games almost every Saturday and when we don't have games, we've had rain.

So we finally got a chance to get out on the water and decided to explore a different section of the little river. This time we drove out passed Floyd and put in at the Little River Baptist Church.  We had about a 3 hour float, and got out at the Bridge on Moore rd. i think this is one of the most popular floats in Floyd. We didn't come across a ton of people, but we did see a few.

It was an bsolutely gorgeous day to be out on the River. 

Typical of Floyd,we came across cows in the river. The same thing happened the last time we floated the Little River, even though we were in a totally different part last time. Floyd county has no shortage of cows. Many are grass fed, pasture raised with open access to the river.  So it's not at all uncommon to come across cows cooling off in the water.

Besides the cows we saw a great Blue Heron and a King Fisher fishing. We saw lots of dragonflies, and damselflies.

We also saw this huge snappping turtle, just hanging out on the bank. At first i thought it was just a shell that had washed up, but when i got closer i saw it's tail.  It's crazy how much they look like little dinosaurs. i was in my kayak, and tried to bank it so i could get better pictures, but there wasn't enough shore and i didn't really want to get out of my boat.

About half way down the river we decided to stop and swim. There are a few really good swimming holes on the Little River. It's deep enough to swim, but not over our heads deep.  It was a nice break and fun way to cool off.

It was such a gorgeous day to be out on the river. i'm really looking forward to more kayaking adventures each weekend this summer.  Summer always seems to go by too fast, this is a nice way to slow it down a bit a really enjoy the weekend together as a family.

In rivers, the water that you touch is the last of what has passed and the first of that which comes; so with present time. -Leonardo da Vinci


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