Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Paper Poppets Story and Activity Book- Review (Sponsored) #PaperPoppets #PlayWithPaper #PPSociety

Anyone else remember playing with paper dolls as a child?  Paper dolls and activity books were always one of my favorite things. Before all this technology took over,  we played outside, road our bikes, played with simple toys and used our imaginations. We were not distracted by phones, social media and video games.

When my kids were little, i really tried to keep the toys simple. i loved natural toys, playing outside and anything that encouraged imagination and creative play.  As they've got older, they've been sucked into the technology culture just like everyone else. Although neither of my kids have their own phones, they do have tablets and i find myself having to limit their screen time on a regular basis.

When i first saw the Paper Poppets, i was was filled with nostalgia and memories of my childhood.  Paper Poppets are paper dolls re-imagined with fun, retro and modern illustrations that inspire imaginative play, personal storytelling and stylishness. The mission behind Paper Poppets is to help girls of all ages build their imagination and self-expression so they can showcase creativity and empower their inner-storyteller. In this day and age it's so nice to find these #timelesstoys that don't require batteries or an internet connection. 

My girl and i spent an afternoon 'unplugged'. We had fun reading the story, punching out the paper pieces, coloring the pictures and dressing up the dolls and pets! 

The set comes with 3 pages of easy to pop out fashions. There are more pages of outfits in the book, that can be cut out or copied and cut out if you don't want to ruin the book. The outfits are fun and modern. There are even accessories for the pets! 

My daughter needed a little help popping out the fashions, she was afraid of ripping the tabs, but for the most part was able to do it herself.  She absolutely loved the paper doll set and story. We explored the website and she enjoyed learning about the different characters and their pets. At the end of the day the dolls can be tucked 'into bed' in the pocket at the back of the book. You can store all the pieces in it, to keep them from getting lost or ruined.

Perfect for girls of all ages, the Paper Poppets Story & Activity Set is going to be your new favorite toy. Unleash your inner fashion designer and cut, color and fold these amazing hand-drawn outfits on Maddy and Ava. Don’t forget about dressing up your pets, Otto and Buddy, as well!

  • 2 Dolls (7 3/4″ Tall)
  • 2 Pets
  • 50 pieces of Pre-Cut Fashions
  • 32 Page Illustrated Story/Coloring Book with DIY Activities
  • Storage pocket in back of book
  • Box dimensions 10″ x 10″ x 1″

We really loved the Paper Poppets paper doll set. My daughter's only complaint is that the dolls can't share clothes. Each outfit goes to a specific doll, and so you can't mix and match Maddy's clothes with Ava's.  She also thought it would be really neat if they made a downloadable blank template for the dolls, so she could design her own clothing for them. We are going to trace the girls shapes onto some blank paper, and try coming up with our own. 

Overall, this is a really a neat set and would make a fantastic gift for any young girl. We enjoyed our time unplugged, as we dressed up each doll for the costume ball.  My daughter is getting to that age where she doesn't want to hang with her mom, so it was fun to play with these together and be reminded of a simpler time where kids could just be kids.

The Paper Poppets are available here. The story and activity set is $19.99 .

i received the product at no cost, in exchange for my review. My opinions are 100% my own.


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