Friday, October 20, 2017

Surprise waterfall- Every day is an adventure!

This past weekend when we made plans to go hiking at the The Channels, Kenan told me 'we won't see any waterfalls' since we usually we plan our hikes around waterfalls.  i love big waterfalls, but The Channels look really neat, so i was fine going somewhere without water for once.

After exploring the The Channels and having a great time, we started headed home.  We were driving along, following the holston River, when all of a sudden Kenan said, 'Woah..did you see that?' Then he turned the car around and went back looking for a place to park.

We found a place to pull over, crossed the road, and climbed down the embankment to the river below.

The river was beautiful, but hidden almost out of sight when just driving by was a HUGE cascading waterfall!

Pictures never really do justice to show the size of waterfalls, but they were really gorgeous!  This is the lower part of the falls with the upper part in the background.

Kenan and the kids are up at the top right standing at the top of the upper falls. It was such an awesome surprise, especially since i didn't think we'd be seein any waterfalls while we were out and these were amazing falls!  

After coming home and googling, i found out they are the Logan Creek Falls near Hayter's Gap.  Definitely worth checking out if you are in the area. i would have loved to explore the river more, but the kids were tired and we were all hungry so we headed home. It was a fun adventurous weekend, a nice change from band competitions. We have one more competition, and then our weekends will be free again. Hoping it stays warm enough for a few more hikes before winter arrives.

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  1. That is really beautiful. I'm glad you were able to see one on your great weekend. :)