Friday, September 6, 2019

Where did the summer go?!

 i can't believe how behind i am on updating this blog. Our summer completely flew by.   i'm not even sure we actually had a summer, i had to go back through all my photos to find out what we even did over the summer because i have almost no memory of doing anything.  The kids got out of school at the end of May, we had a week or two then my daughter was off to 4-H camp, July was all about Band camps and band practice and Floydfest, and they were right back to school by the second week of August.  i'm pretty sure that's the shortest summer vacation we've ever had.

So besides the constant running to town (mom taxi & artisan market) my summer was filled with planting and picking and preserving my garden harvest.

Hikes in the woods to forage for mushrooms.

A couple trips kayaking.

Fridays at the Artisan Market.

We got a new bunny!  His name is Finn. 

 i hosted two workshops at Floydfest and really had an amazing time! Can't wait to do it again next year!

We grew our apiary, we currently have 17 colonies! 

We pulled and bottled almost 200lbs of honey!

Grew an abundance of tomatoes, peaches and shiitakes!!

AND got a new puppy!!  Jasper is a mix between German Shepard and Australian Shepard. He was born on the 4th of July and he's keeping me very busy trying to get this potty training thing down. 

Puppies are exhausting.

So that's a super quick wrap up of our summer.  Somewhere between 4-h camp and band camp we had a visit from my sister, a pool party,  my boys took a trip to MI, we hiked buffalo mountain, canned lots of produce and did lots of thrift store shopping.

i'm still waiting for life to slow down a bit, and then i'll post more about some of the fun we had and mushrooms we've found. i just wanted to check in after disappearing for 3 months. 


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