Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016- Undertale themed costumes

So i admit, i have never played Undertale.  Both of my kids love it though, and requested Undertale costumes this year, and told me i should dress up as Toriel aka Goat mom. So i got online and found someimages to use while creating our costumes. i love doing homemade costumes.

My daughter wanted to be Mettaton EX. Right after she decided this we walked into a goodwill and found the perfect boots. They were black instead of pink, but i figured we could paint them.  For the rest of her costume we needed a silver shirt, black leggings and the chest plate and belt.  Should be easy enough.

i found two different silver shorts at the goodwill, but my girl didn't want to use either one, and instead we used a black shirt and duct tape. It actually looked way better that the silver shirt would have looked, since we are able to create the black lines on the arms by spacing the duct tape.  

We originally tried spray painting the boots pink, which was an epic fail. It looked fine at first, but the first time she put the boots on it cracked and the paint started falling off. So i went back to the store and found pink duct tape, and it worked perfect! They look way better than they would have if we had just painted them.  The belt was also made from duct tape and the chast piece was made from craft foam. i used black sequins for the speaker. All that was left was black hair dye and face paint. We also added duct tape to the shoulder pads so they didn't flop like they are in this picture.

My son wanted to be W.D. Gaster.  He already had the black pants and white shirt, so we just need a black suit coat jacket , a white scarf, gloves and the mask.

i found some white spandex type fabric at the craft store, and made the morph mask after watching a tutorial online. Then we just a sharpie to create the face. 

A trip to goodwill for the suit coat and they had nothing in solid black, but i found a large women's blazer that worked perfectly. i used a pair of $1 gloves and black felt circles for the hands, and i recycled a white long underwear shirt for the scarf.  My boy was extremely happy with his Gaster costume.

My Toriel costume, ended up being the most work. Instead of face paint, i thought a felt mask would be easy and look better anyway. Yeah, it wasn't that easy. ha ha/

i used felt for the mask, and fun fur for the ears. i hot glued the fun fur onto a head band, and then hot glued the ears and horns onto it. The fangs make it look more like a wolf, but the kids told me she is supposed to have the fangs. 

i had to buy fabric for the dress, but it was easy to sew.  i played around with a couple different noses, trying to get her to look more like a goat, but ended up not using any black felt on the nose at all.

i think our costumes came out fantastic. i know the kids were both super pleased.

We had a great time trick or treating. Most people had no idea who we were, but occasionally we'd come across and undertale fan and they would recognize us. It was so much fun!


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