Friday, November 18, 2016

Vending at the IVES Fall Festival

Last Friday i set up my table at the IVES Fall Festival. This is pretty much the only craft show i vend these days. It's a very small local event and i never really expect to make money. i do it to support the school and the event. 

i borrowed the table and necklace displays from a friend and was really pleased with how nice my display was this year. Honestly it usually sucks. ha ha.  i'm always surprised by how much stuff i actually have once i start putting it out. 

The tree cookie (wood slabs) were a last minute addition. i couldn't figure out the best way to display my bendy dolls, but i really think this worked out great. This may be the last time i have bendy dolls for sale. i rarely make them any more and am trying to sell these so i can move on to other crafts.  i still have a lot left and will eventually get them listed on my website if i ever get around to finishing it.

i've been working on lampworked glass leaf and heart pedants again. The leaf pendants are my favorite. The hearts are still really challenging, but it's good practice and hopefully one day i'll master them and be able to move on to something else.  

i really enjoyed vending the fall fest this year, i sold a few things and made enough to more purchase more glass supplies. i've been using Kenan's scrap color, but had burned through all the good colors last fall so i didn't have a lot to work with now that i'm starting to melt glass again.  i ordered a random assortment and am really hoping that i got some good colors! i'm excited to get back down to the glass shop and make holiday gifts again this year. 

If your interested in seeing what work i have for sale you can check my fb page and i'll eventually have the items on my website shopping cart. .


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