Tuesday, November 1, 2016

IDO3D Vertical Five Pen Set- review

My kids have seen some advertisements for 3D pens and really wanted to try them, so i was happy to test out this #ido3d vertical 5 pen set.  First off, the box is a little misleading. You can't draw lines up in the air, like some of the more expensive 3-d pens we've seen. Instead you create the pieces flat (2-d) and then construct the pieces together. You can draw up a little bit (see my video below) but most of the projects will be done flat and connected. 

 This set comes with 5 different colors, an instruction booklet with templates and plastic sheet/shapes to use over the templates. It has a LED light that snap on to the pen and sets the ink. It's a really neat concept, but they are not easy to use. It takes a steady hand and a lot of practice. 

The pens are pre-filled with a liquid ink, and hardened by a LED light which attaches to pen. It really reminds me of trying to draw with henna or batik wax. We accidentally had our light on when we first started drawing, so it was really clumpy at first. Then we realized that the light should be off until you are ready to cure it, and then it flowed much smoother. (always read all the directions.) lol.

My daughter made the beginner project which is a pair of glasses. She layed the plastic sheet over the template and then copied the design. Once finished, we turned the light on and held it back over the ink until it as set. Then she removed the pieces, and we connected them using the ink like glue. She was thrilled with the glass she made and thought this was the neatest thing ever!  

i decided to play around with it and made this little butterfly. To make it, i made each wing individually, then made the body. One all the pieces were dry, i assembled it, using the 3-d ink like glue and using the LED light to dry it quickly.  Once it was it was set, i attached the antennae.  The video below shows me creating the antennae. You can draw up in the air for small things like this. i kept the light on for this, so it dried as i was drawing. 

Pros -This 3d pen has no hot parts! and uses ink instead of plastic filament. 
-Comes with stencils, pen tips and drawing pads 
-Colors blend together and make cool effects 
-very affordable compared to other 3-d pens sets.
-kids are challenged to create their 3-d projects by constructing 2-d pieces andconnecting them together. 
-It's a good STEM activity and introduction to engineering.
-no batteries needed
-easy to clean up

-The ink is sticky and got all over our hands/pens when we were using it.
 -After drying the art they will always be a little sticky. 
 -This pen is not made for drawing up into the air like you can do with other 3-d printing pens. You’ll have to make 2 objects, then attach them by adding ink
-you have to purchase refills
-The instruction book only had one beginners project and the others were intermediate and advanced 
-requires a lot of practice, which could discourage some kids.

Overall, i like that kids can be creative and make and construct different 3-d creations. Once they figure out how it all works the possibilities are endless!  It is a little difficult, so i think some kids may get discouraged that it's not as easy as it looks in videos. i wish their had been more beginner projects in our booklet. i think this is a really nice introduction to building, creating and engineering 3-d models and it's much more affordable than many of the kids on the market. Once learn the basics and you've mastered the process, it's a lot of fun! 

i received this item for free in exchange for my honest opinion. i was not compensated.


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