Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Allen and the Nordic Gnome- book review

We LOVE all things gnome here. i recently had the opportunity to review this adorable children's book about a Gnome or Tomte, and am excited to tell you about it. Gnomes  are also known as a Tomte or Nisse. Not many people have seen them because they are very shy and live in the woods. 

For centuries these legendary gnomes have guarded farms and families in Scandinavia year-round, especially children and animals. This book is about Allen and his magical experience with a Nordic Gnome.

This is a sweet little children's book that introduces you to the magic of the Tomte. It is a simple story, great for young children and early readers. It is beautifully illustrated and is a tie-in to the adorable handmade gnomes that are also available for sale.

These adorable plush gnomes are  available in several different colors and styles.  Each gnome is individually handmade with wool and lots of love! 

They would be so adorable appearing in a child's stocking, or next to the tree on Yule/Christmas morning, after having read the book the night before.
The story of Allen and the Nordic Gnome is currently available for sale on amazon.  It's $5.99 for the kindle version and $12.99 for paperback.

The Gnomes can be purchased for between $16.99 and $28.99 depending on style. You can find the full selection here.

These are just so cute and a perfect decoration for the Winter Solstice.

*i received the ebook at no cost in exchange for reviewing it and sharing the link on my blog. i was not compensated.  


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