Friday, April 14, 2017

Spring hiking and Staying Hydrated- Sunshack Hydration Backpack Review

Yesterday, the boy and i went on an afternoon hike. It's so hard to stay out of the woods when it's this pretty out! i love exploring and looking for new wildflowers and mushroom spots. We Hiked down to the creek with the dogs and visited a couple of my favorite morel spots.

Blood root and bluets are blooming. Trillium is up, but not flowering yet.

i found these brand new morels coming up in one of our spots. They are brand new, the largest one is less than an inch tall. SO i covered them up with leaves, marked the spot and am going to go back and check them again in a few days.  The soil temperatures have been warm all week, but it's pretty dry.  i think if we were to get a rain shower the morels will start popping up everywhere!

Sequoia wanted to try out his new #Hydrationbackpack by #SunShack. i actually got this for him to use during band camp, as he had mentioned how hot it is and they don't get a lot of water breaks.  This one is really lightweight and comfortable. It holds 2L of water, and also has a zippered pocket to hold some small personal items. This will come in really handy during our summer hikes on the AT and also good for bike riding. i always have the kids bring water bottles, and somehow i always end up carrying them all!  Now, he'll have no excuses for not carrying his own water.

My boy is very pleased with this SunShack Hydration Backpack available here. 

The company is Australian owned. It's made from waterproof honeycomb ripstop fabric and the water bladder is BPA free.It also features an insulating hose cover for prevention of freezing and overheating in extreme conditions. Dynamic 360 degree, removable bite valve for hand-washing and first-aid and high visibility reflective back strips.

It's great for jogging, hiking, biking and any outside activity where you need to take water with you.

*i received this product at no cost in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  My opinions are my own. i was not compensated.
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