Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Creating Fairy Gardens

Creating fairy gardens is my new favorite thing! We have made them in the past, just using natural materials we found around the yard. Every spring my girl and i collect moss., bark and acorn caps, and put together some fairy gardens outside.

A few weeks ago, when it was still too cold to play outside, i stumbled upon a bunch of adorable fairy garden accessories at the local Dollar Tree.  They had little fairy and gnome houses, bridges, benches and little accessory packs that had 3 items per package.  i think i spend a whopping $10 and had enough supplies to make numerous fairy gardens.

The first one we made i just used an old pot i already had. It's actually a recycled fairy garden, that we created last year. We collected new moss and woodland plants for it. Then added our cute accessories.  i had the intention of adding some succulents and other plants once the garden centers are stocked, but haven't yet. We did add a few crystals and pretty rocks too.

i bought this pot specifically to repot my Aloe which had outgrown it's pot. However, the cats kept digging in the soil since it was so exposed, so we ended up building a fairy garden around it. The hen and chick succulents came from my garden, and the other plants and moss came from the woods. i loved how this one turned out so much that i bought another of the same pot to make another fairy garden.

i was playing around in the glass shop a few weeks ago and made this super cute gnome, who took up residence in this fairy garden. A couple days ago i decided to try making a mushroom to go with him. It didn't turn out great (the white boiled), but it was fun and i'm definitely going to try making some more!

The same day i bought this pot, i stopped at the garden center and found all these succulents on sale. So i picked up a few and created another fairy garden, this time with gnomes. :)  The moss is very to care for, it just needs to be misted every day so it stays moist. 

Last year all of my fairy gardens were created in these glass globes.  So i added one of the fairies to this one. 

Over the weekend, my daughter and i started putting together this huge fairy garden!  Right now it has a lot of moss and woodland plants that we collected from the woods, but i plan to add more flowers and low/ground cover types of plants. 

i'm super thrilled with how this one is turning out, i just need to figure out a way to keep the chickens out of it! They insist on pulling out the moss. We added a bunch of rocks, so hopefully that will deter them a little bit. We also added some dried seed pods and acorns. We are constantly adding to them.

i ended up with some neat woodland plants that were attached to some of the moss we collected. i think they look great!

If you visit Pintrest, you'll find a million different ways to create fairy gardens. There is so much neat inspiration and clever ideas. Fairy garden accessories are popping up everywhere! i've seen them at Michael's craft store, Dollar tree, Family dollar, JoAnn Fabrics and even Biglots. You can purchase your accessories of make your own. The possibilities are endless!


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