Monday, October 17, 2016

Autumn Leaves Festival- Mount Airy, NC

 This weekend we headed down the mountain to go to the Autumn Leaves Festival in Mount Airy, NC.  Mount Airy is only about 45 min. drive, and we really enjoy going to NC now and again. We went to the Autumn leaves festival a few years ago and enjoyed it, so i was really looking forward to going again this year.

A couple of my amazing finds at the festival are pottery by McNeill's Pottery and hand carved wooden utensils by a local couple out of Floyd. :) Yep, we drove all the way to NC and bought something that was made here in Floyd. :) 

We actually use to be able to purchase the utensils at the local gas station, but i haven't seen them in a while. The prices are crazy low. i got the two larger utensils for $1 each, and the smaller ones are 2 for $1.  

The pottery colors match my slate perfectly. i LOVE the big soup bowls and want to start collecting more of this pottery.  They have a shop in Sea Grove. NC and one of these days we are going to have to take a road trip to visit.  i'd love to get 2 more of the soup bowls, another mug and a gray boat. :)  When we stopped at the booth kenan asked if i wanted to get something, and i told him i wanted one of the big soup bowls. The prices were so reasonable he told me to get two, and then picked out the mug for himself.   They have many different styles and color patterns.  i'm so in love with it!

There were all kinds of neat vendors at the fall festival. i forgot to take my camera, and only took the one picture of the kids with my phone.  The Autumn Leaves Festival is held each fall in downtown Mount Airy and showcases the rich musical heritage, such as Old-Time, Blue Grass and Gospel performed by local musicians on the downtown stage. The unique arts & crafts of more than 200 craftsmen line the streets with many demonstrating their talents and skills passed down through the generations.

The festival began as a celebration of the end of the tobacco and apple harvesting season over 45 + years ago. Now, it's a celebration the breathtaking fall season that is upon us. Through the years, hundreds of thousands of visitors (nearly 200,000 people will frequent the streets of Mount Airy over the three day weekend) to enjoy the true flavor of rural America and its distinctive character, rich heritage and scenic beauty.

This is one of our favorite festivals to visit, and we look forward to coming here each fall to find new and unique treasures by local artists.


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