Monday, October 10, 2016

Creating Painted Mandalas with #USArtSupply

This week i'm reviewing this 8 x 10 stretched canvas by US Art Supply.  It's a 10 pack, so i'm thinking i may have to host a paint party for my girl and a few of her friends.

These canvases are a nice size, triple primed over kiln dried wood and ready to paint. This value pack is priced at$17.96, that's less than $2 a canvas. Really good bargain if you are hosting a paint night or planning to paint gifts for friends and family.

My daughter has been planning to paint pictures for several family members who have requested them, and  i was hoping to have her get started and paint some of these canvases for my review, but she's still working on a painting she started last week and wasn't ready to start anything new. 

i've been wanting to make a mixed media mandala painting ever since i first saw one, but really wasn't sure where to start. So i poked around the internet a bit, and found a tutorial on  how to make a mixed Media collage.

i also looked up some different Mandala tutorials and thought this one was helpful on drawing mandalas.   i went with a really basic design for my first mandala. i sketched it out, and then started applying the base colors.  

Once i get all the base colors down, i'll work on outlining and adding the details. i might still try to incorporate some paper into it, i just didn't really have anything on hand that i thought would work. Now that i'm getting more of a vision of what i'm painting and and figuring out the colors i want, i have a lot more ideas about what i can do with it.  This is just the beginning stages, once i finish it i may post my own tutorial showing my process. 

One of these days, when we have our paintings done and hung up i'll post a photo. The wall behind my sofa is completely empty and i'm very eager to add some beautiful artwork to it.

You can find this 10 pack of canvas on amazon. It's only $17.96 right now, and free shipping if you have prime. This is a fun size for a kids paint party, or for making mandala art. 

i received this canvas in exchange for my review. i was not compensated. i really love working with #usartsupply and have been pleased with all of their products. They offer such a great selection of affordable art supplies.


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