Saturday, October 8, 2016

Organizing with Chalk Board labels.

The first *image is the inspiration for how i want my pantry to look, it's not my photo. My pantry does not look like this, it looks like something you'd see on hoarders...but i'm hoping that after i clean it out and rearrange it and get everything labeled it will look much more like this inspiration image.

i still need to get some bigger wide mouth jars for my flour and sugar, but i've starting to move a few things into jars and labeling them with my chalkboard markers and chalkboard  labels.

This set of chalkboard labels by #sacarstationery comes with 120 labels! It contains many different shapes and sizes including 8 full sheet labels. It's a really great set and probably all the labels you'd ever need. They are durable and reusable. You can remove the chalk/chalkmarker with a damp cloth. 

i'll probably post a picture of my pantry once it's organized a bit. i'm still looking for large containers and jars for all my bulk stuff and i want to find some baskets for some of the other items too. i love that inspiration picture  above and i think having a vision of how i want my pantry to look will really help me to organize it better. 

i've also been using chalkboard labels on my craft supply containers and trying to get all of that organized as well.  Organization has never been my strong suit but i do feel like i'm on my way to a having a pretty pantry. :)

i received these chalkboard labels in exchange for my honest review. i truly love them! i was not compensated. 
* i found the pantry image on pinterest. It is not my photo and i'm not sure who to credit for it. 


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