Sunday, October 2, 2016

More painting fun with USArt Supply! -Review

i was an art major in college and had to stretch my own canvas. It was always my least favorite part of the painting process. Now that my 10 year old daughter is interested in painting, i started looking for some inexpensive canvas for her to use. i don't think she's quite ready to be stretching her own. ;)

i wanted to find something that was decent quality and affordable. So i was really excited to have the opportunity to review some different art canvases by #usartsupply . The first set we received are the 16" x 20" stretched Canvas (5 pack). 

i really like these canvases. They are triple primed and ready to go right out of the package. They are put together well with wooden frames and the canvas is tight and stapled in place. i love this size, and that is comes in a 5 pack. This is a really affordable price for this size and quantity.

We also received the US Art Supply Stretched Canvas Variety Pack Square Assortment (20x20, 16x16, 12x12, 8x8, 4x4).  i love the different sizes in this pack, and can't wait to see my girl does with them.  i have a empty wall that is just waiting for some beautiful artwork! 

i've even been inspired to start painting again, and will be posting more about that soon.  i even started a painting on one of the 16" x 20" canvas, but ran out of white paint and haven't been out to pick some out.  i will this week though and will update on it.

My girl started this one the other night,She drew the Eiffel tower by looking at an image online and has been drawing the flowers and just starting to paint it.i'm so impressed with her creativity! She's planning to make painting for all her friends for the holidays this year.

i've purchased several products from #usartsupply over the last few months, and have been very impressed with their products. They offer a very nice selection of economy arts and crafts supplies at affordable prices!  Stay tuned for our painting update! 

i received these art canvases  in exchange for my honest opinion. i was not compensated. 


  1. I love that assorted pack :) want! The last 16x20 pack I bought (not from this company!) had a warped canvas in it.. boooo. Your girl is quite talented and I can't wait to see your stuff...I didn't know you painted. :)

    1. These have all been very straight so far. i'm very happy with them. i was actually a painting major in college for a little while. lol. That doesn't mean i paint now, haven't painted anything is 15 years...but i'm kind of excited to try! :)