Friday, September 2, 2016

Crafty Rolls Washi Tape Crafts

i've never used Washi tape before this, but i have a friend that loves it. She uses it to decorate the cigar boxes that she paints. They always come out looking fabulous, Since we love all kinds of crafts,  i wanted to try it out.

i received some #craftyrolls washi tape to review. So i looked up some different craft projects to do with it. Pinterest is full of ideas!!   My kids and i did a few simple ones, just to try it out.  i need to make a run to the craft store to get the supplies i need for some of the other washi tape projects i want to try.

The first project we did was to decorate my girl's switchplate cover. 

The tapes we picked are pink and green. They look like xmas colors in the picture, but it really is pink not red.   The washi rolls come in lots of fun colors and prints. It adheres really well to our projects, but isn't so sticky that it sticks to itself (like ducktape). It easy to lift up, straighten and reapply to get your lines perfect.

My girl loves the way her light switch cover came out. We attached the clothes pins to a ribbon and have them hanging in front of her mirror so she can hang pictures from them.

She also used the Crafty rolls  washi tape to frame in a few pictures in her scrap book. There are tons of different crafts on pinterest to make with it. We're going to have to try and find a few more projects to try out this weekend. 

i received the washi tape in exchange for my review. i was not compensated.


  1. I like that you mention how easy it is to move around. it really is easy to remove and replace and still sticks , but never leaves a residue or rips paper underneath it. I'm such a pattern nut...I could totally hoard washi tape. Love the scrapbook :)

    1. did you like your little mention at the top there? tee hee.