Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Mystery plant

 i have this plant coming up in my green house and i have no idea what it is. Absolutely no clue.

i thought it was a cucumber, because i know i planted a few cucumbers in the raised bed. One of them came up and had a few small cucumbers on it, but they never pollinated in the greenhouse.  This one came up near it, and the plant looks like a cucumber.

The leaves look like cucumber, the flowers look like cucumber, it vines and tendrils like a cucumber.

But, that's NOT a cucumber. At least i don't think so. i do tend to grow a lot of unusual/rare seeds. i've gone through all of my seed catalogs and can't find anything that looks like this. The skin is covered in fuzz, and has a velvety feel.

One guess would be that it's a mutant that cross-pollinated. Like a cucumber-watermelon hybrid. i'm like  98% certain that i did not plant any seeds i had collected from my own garden. i only planted very specific plants from certified disease free seeds which i had purchased.  i was trying to keep my greenhouse disease free. So i guess it's possible that there was a few cross-breed seeds in my seed pack, but it's unlikely.

i guess to have to wait and see if it ever becomes anything recognizable.It's tough to know when to pick it though, when i don't know what it is. Anyone have a guess?

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