Sunday, September 4, 2016

More Chalk Marker fun with #vellostarchalkmarkers

We has some fun with chalk markers again today. i bought some chalkboard spray paint, and we've turning everything into chalkboards. :)  When you use the chalkboard markers on something that has been sprayed with the chalkboard it doesn't wipe away as easily as it does on a real chalkboard. Which is what we wanted!  They'll fade over time if you don't seal it, but they will awesome for a good while.

We have a ton of gourds that we dried last year, so i sprayed this one with the chalkboard paint and then we decorated it with the chalkboard markers. the are so bright and vibrant. i plan to put a birdhouse hole in the back of this one and seal it so the chalkboard marker doesn't wash away.

We also revamped all of our chicken signs. A few months ago, my girl made some signs for all of the chicken coops using chalk marker and my husband hung them up.  They lasted a good while, but eventually start to fade. So we redecorated them all.

Because the chalk markers are being used on a rough raw wood, they do not wipe away like they wood on a smooth chalk board. So they work great for the signs.  They are semi permanent. We'll probably be able to change them up again next spring.

We also redid the sign at the kids play fort.  My boy worked on the menu while Sookie waited to take orders. :) 

My girl has been drawing all over the fridge chalkboard. It's a large piece of chalkboard contact paper. i use it as memo board, but the chalk markers are too fun to resist. So she's adds to the drawing every time she gets near it.  The chalkboard markers do wipe of of this chalkboard easily. Just a damp cloth and they clean right up. Occasionally chalk markers will leave a little residue behind, but magic  eraser works wonders to clean it up. 

All of these projects were done using #vellostarchalkmarkers.  These were a little more watery than some of the other chalk markers we've used. If your not paying attention, they drip a little and end up on your finders. They clean up very easily though.  You can find these for sale on amazon. It's a nice price for 10 big chalk markers!

i received this product for free to test out and provide my honest review. i was not compensated.


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